Although there are plenty of worse things that can happen to a healthy male or female, losing your hair can be pretty disastrous and extremely confidence shattering. I know – it’s been happening to me for over a decade now and it wasn’t easy to deal with early on. Apparently hair loss affects up to 40% of the male population at one time or another, but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. One thing that has helped me to overcome the anxiety and stress associated with hair loss however was to learn about hair loss, read about it, and understand it. More importantly was being able to talk about my hair loss with friends and family – and by talking about it with them, they were better able to understand the effect that my hair loss was having on me. Knowing what causes hair loss, knowing what options are available and knowing that I’m certainly not alone in dealing with hair loss has made it a much more tolerable journey to travel.

The internet is a wonderful resource when it comes to finding information about hair loss, and before you embark on any kind of remedial solution to your hair loss problem you should absorb as much information as you can that is out there - but beware of unscrupulous charlatans who seem to create endless website clones all peddling their so-called miracle cures. Many, many of these sites look different but the same people own them. It’s the latest incarnation of a centuries old con to sell so-called hair loss solutions to unsuspecting patrons. They did it a hundred years ago with snake oil lotions and false promises, and they’re doing it today with the Internet.

This is why Understanding Hair Loss came about. In part, it’s to continue to help me deal with my own issues about hair loss by writing about it (it’s almost therapeutic in a way), but also it’s about trying to help others come to term with their own hair loss and what they can do about it. There aren’t too many good information sites out there that aren’t trying to make money first and foremost, so I hope Understanding Hair Loss will be able to offer you something different. I’m not a doctor, so while I’ve made every effort possible to make sure the information presented here is factual and correct, please take the hair loss content on this site as informational only. I firmly believe that having a better under-standing of your hair loss will enable you to take the correct and appropriate action that you need to be comfortable with yourself and your hair loss, and it might just make for interesting reading.