Avacor, produced by Global Vision Products, Inc., is a new over-the-counter treatment for both male and female baldness. Avacor consists of three products that are designed to be used together to prevent hair loss and promote re-growth. Consisting of a dietary supplement, a topical formulation, and a shampoo, Avacor claims that the average individual will see visual results from using the products in six to eight months of usage. The company does offer a limited money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with Avacor.

The "All Natural Nutricap," which is the dietary supplement in Avacor consists of a proprietary herbal formula that is formulated to maintain the condition of hair follicles. Users of Avacor are advised to take the supplement two times per day. Ingredients in the supplement include ginkgo biloba, bilberry, horsetail, and maidenhair tree.

The topical formulation contains the FDA approved medication Minoxidil. This is to be applied to the scalp two times per day. The makers of Avacor give very specific instructions on how the solution is to be applied to the scalp to prevent scalp irritation and to maximize hair re-growth.

The "scalp detoxifying" shampoo is specifically designed to deep clean the hair and scalp by removing pollutants and residue. The shampoo is intended to prepare the scalp for optimal absorption of the topical formulation. It is suggested that those using Avacor wash their hair with the shampoo once a day for the first week and then decrease usage to two to three times a week thereafter. The shampoo can be used in conjunction with other types of shampoos and conditioners.

While widely marketed, Avacor has received mixed reviews from consumers. Some users have complained of skin irritation, scalp redness, and hair dryness. However, other users have been thrilled with the results of the treatment. Similar over the counter products that are currently on the market include: Procerin, Advecia, and Hair Genesis Softgels. If you are considering a herbal remedy such as Avacor for treatment of your hair loss, remember to first consult with your doctor and research all viable options and treatments for yourself.