Hair Loss Developments

Over 15 years ago newspapers were reporting that a group of scientists thought they’d stumbled onto a cure for hair loss. It claimed that they were able to reproduce hair in a petri dish and that the tests, which up until that point looked extremely promising, were continuing. According to the article, a commercial, mass-marketed cure for hair loss was simply a matter of 5 years away. Well, those years have been and gone, and today’s newspapers still carry similar articles, all promising that the elusive hair loss cure is almost upon us. What does that tell us? That as much as we all fervently wish, and expect, that a cure for hair loss is just around the corner, don’t hold your breath.

The good news though is that research has certainly made some interesting discoveries over that time. We now have a number of legitimate products on the market that, while not essentially being the Holy Grail of hair loss cures, certainly offer some resistance to the onset of male pattern baldness. Additionally, cosmetic solutions have come along in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. Long gone are the picket fence hairlines of early transplant procedures, and along with the death of such monstrosities so also has gone much of the prejudice and ridicule associated with men’s hair transplants. Thanks to a number of high-profile celebrities openly choosing hair transplants, and the quality of those transplants improving measurably, it is no longer considered a subject of ridicule for a male to choose this line of action. In an age where false teeth, breasts, and other superficial cosmetic alterations are considered ‘normal’, it’s comforting to know that hair restoration, in whatever form, is also becoming socially acceptable. So all in all the prospects for those suffering from hair loss are much brighter than at any time in the history of male hair loss.

So what will the future bring? Well one thing that is for certain is that considerable sums of money are being spent on finding the causes, and therefore the cure, for hair loss. With up to 40% of the planet’s population suffering from hair loss there is a considerable market for an effective treatment, and money is an extremely motivating factor. So how close are we to finding the cure? Well the good news is that scientists have a much firmer understanding about the reasons for hair loss than at any other time in the past, and that medical advancements mean that some of the more fanciful treatments, such as follicle cloning or gene therapy, are tantalizingly within reach.