Laser Comb

The laser comb is a relatively new product on the market that claims to provide thicker, healthier hair, but stops short of making any particular claims about actual hair regrowth. The laser comb itself looks like a bad prop from a Sci-Fi movie, and is essentially a low level laser light that stimulates the hair follicles as you pass the comb over your scalp (the laser is classified as a ‘3R’ laser, and is deemed safe for use by the USG). The product is claimed to be suitable for both men and women, with up to 40% of the laser comb’s clientele being women.

The laser comb is a stand alone product, meaning that there are no additional lotions, potions or creams that you get tied in to purchasing. According to the manufacturer, up to 90% of people using the laser comb should expect to see an improvement in their hair quality any time from 8 weeks out from starting to use the product, and the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee of up to 20 weeks (12 weeks being the standard, but you can negotiate a longer period if you need to). The laser comb itself has a life span of up to 10 years which is a good thing because firstly the comb isn’t cheap and, as with many other hair products, continued use of the laser comb is required to maintain any benefits to your hair that might result. If you stop using the laser comb, there is every chance that your hair will regress to the state that it was in prior to using the comb. It is recommended that the laser comb is used 3 times a week, and each session normally should take around 15 minutes.

As for hair regrowth, the manufacturer does not make any claims to that effect, and indeed, they are quite open on their website that the laser comb cannot regrow what isn’t there in the first place. In other words, if the hair follicle is dead, there is nothing the laser comb (or perhaps any other treatment available today) can do to help. What the laser comb does purport to do however is to treat any existing hairs to make them thicker, stronger, and healthier.

One of the encouraging aspects of the laser comb as a product is that the official website has an open user forum. This means that you can read what other people have to say about the effects of using the laser comb, and you can then decide whether the laser comb is right for you. There are many reports from users in the forums that suggest that, over time, a definite thickening of the hair has resulted from using the laser comb and, of course, there are many posts where people have been less than satisfied. At the time of writing this article, the manufacturer of the laser comb has been seeking FDA approval for the product, and had been for two years previously, but as yet they still haven’t received approval.

For more information on the Laser Comb, visit the manufacturer’s website, here.