Proxiphen is a prescription-only solution that contains Minoxidil, the active ingredient more commonly associated with Rogaine. Proxiphen is developed and distributed by a Dr. Peter Proctor, and is one of a series of products that, if used together or some individually, it is claimed can produce significant hair regrowth. To get the maximum benefit suggested, patients need to first use Proxiphen, followed by non-prescription Proxiphen-N, then NANO Hair Regrowth Shampoo and lastly, NANO Hair Regrowth Conditioner – all products supplied by Dr. Proctor, although the Dr. states that Proxiphen can be used alone and still achieve hair regrowth. Even though the product leans heavily on the fact that it contains Minoxidil (about 5.5%), Dr. Proctor suggests that Proxiphen works better than other Minoxidil-based formulas due to the additional dozen or so ingredients in his compound.

Proxiphen is a cream that is applied directly to the balding areas on a cycle of once per day, after showering and light drying of the hair. As with all current hair loss products, continued use is essential to keep any new hair that grows. As the product can be applied directly to the areas affected by hair loss, it is possible to squeeze more life out of the product and make a months supply last a little bit longer - which might help to offset the cost per month of the product.

At the time of writing, there were no clinical studies of Proxiphen available, thus it is hard to substantiate the claims of the percentages of patients who have experienced significant hair regrowth using this product. Most of the claims of significant success from Proxiphen come from websites actually selling the product.

Proxiphen can be purchased online, from Dr. Proctor’s website, but as Proxiphen is a prescription-only medication, it can only be purchased with an accompanying physicians diagnosis of male pattern baldness (although there is a non-prescription version of the product – which doesn’t contain certain ingredients, notably Minoxidil – called Proxiphen-N).

Does Proxiphen work?

Proxiphen has been marketed now since the mid to late 90’s, which means it has been on the market for some time. As with any product claiming success with hair loss it might be suggested that any degree of success would be pounced on by a waiting audience and news would travel fast. To this day, claims and counter-claims of Proxiphen’s ability to regrow hair is debated hotly, which in itself might give you some insight to its effectiveness - but as the Dr. himself states, “the only real way to find out if something is going reverse hair loss is to try it”. As others would say though, “caveat emptor”.