Originally developed in Germany to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, ThymuSkin is a topical hair loss treatment marketed to both men and women. The original ThymuSkin formula contained quantities of thymosin which was extracted from the thymuses of calves, although due to safety concerns the company, Klett-Loch GmbH, now synthetically produces the extract. Unlike many of the other hair loss treatments that are specifically DHT inhibitors (clinically proven to maintain existing hair), ThymuSkin is said to coat the hair follicle thus preventing the follicle from responding to the effects of DHT.

The treatment was studied in a number of universities in Germany to determine its effectiveness. Research physicians declared it effective in treating men 67% of the time and women 95% of the time (for those with live hair follicles), although considering these claims there are surprisingly few studies available through their website. The company claims that the product has been the subject of numerous news items and articles, one of which you can see here (YouTube Video)

The makers of Thymuskin believe that hair loss is an auto-immune disease, not just a result of excessive testosterone. The thymosin acts to protect hair follicles from leukocytes and DHT that both cause hair to fall out. Several studies have shown ThymuSkin to be particularly effective for treating hair loss due to both alopecia universalis (total hair loss for the entire body) and alopecia totalis (hair loss from the neck up).

For individuals suffering from hair loss who don't want to risk the adverse side effects of DHT inhibitors such as Propecia and Avodart, Thymuskin is certainly an option to consider but, as with all hair loss products, it pays to look beyond the marketing and try to obtain independent information. Considering that the product has been marketed for about 20 years, and taking into account the claims of the manufacturer, it is surprising that there isn't more ‘buzz’ centered around the product.

There are no reported side effects, however in some cases people have reported losing more hair than normal in the initial stages of use. Thymuskin is reported to be safe for men, women, and children, although if you have any concerns you should consult first with your medical practitioner. Users of ThymuSkin are instructed to massage the product into their hair and scalp daily for best results until they start to see hair growth, and from that point on use the product every other day. The manufacturers claim that it can take anywhere from three to nine months for new hair to begin growing. After 18 months usage can be discontinued as the makers claim that the hair follicle has been properly stimulated to maintain hair growth.

The line of ThymuSkin products includes shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels and the cost of treatment is approximately US$1.50 per day which equates to roughly US$800 over an 18 month period.